Friday, May 28, 2010

Window Vinyl

Window Vinyl
I made window vinyl's for our young adult group at church. There are several things I learned that I want to share with you. I designed this on my gypsy so I could have it as long as I could make it on a 24" mat & space it how I wanted. When cutting vinyl with the gypsy the settings are a bit different. For a kiss cut (cutting the vinyl but not the backing) I set my blade at 3 & my pressure at 3. Right now you can't control the speed when cutting with the gypsy so that makes a difference when cutting vinyl. I also learned (after I had them made) that there are different types of vinyl. If you check out
they have outdoor vinyl and regular vinyl. I emailed them to find out the difference & how important it was to use outdoor vinyl on the car. Regular vinyl is considered temporary adhesive & has an outdoor rating of 1-2 yrs, while outdoor vinyl is considered permenant adhesive & has an outdoor rating of 6 yrs. Their concern with using regular vinyl on a car is it might come off in the car wash.
Well, I already had mine on my car so well find out how long it lasts.

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