Friday, March 4, 2011

Vinyl Storage Tip

I have an amazing tip for how to store vinyl cuts that you don't want on your walls all the time.  Save your old Cricut Mat Covers!!!  Use them for a backing for vinyl cuts waiting between seasons. It is hard to capture it in a picture so I will tell you about it. I took 2 Cricut Mat Covers, (because this was so large) then took transfer tape & taped the mats together on the back. Then I used transfer tape to remove this off my wall & put it on the Cricut Mat Covers. Of course I did it in 2 sections, because my tree wasn't sideways on my wall, but that was how it fit best on the Mats. Just leave the transfer tape on top of it & then it is ready to put back on your wall next year.

HERE is the original post with details of how I made this Vinyl Project.
By the way if you like working with vinyl, I found a great company with great prices. Click on my link on the right side of my blog for ExpressionsVinyl.


  1. I LOVE this tip! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Awesome idea!
    thanks for sharing


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