Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Autumn Wall Vinyl

I made this Vinyl Wall Art for our living room wall above our couch. We have such a long wall and I don't know what type of pictures to put there so I make Holiday Vinyls for it. See the Christmas one I made last year by clicking HERE

I designed it on my Gypsy using the following Cricut Cartridges.

Create A Critter
Leaves - Shift Layer 2 - Button #28 - Cut at 6"

Gypsy Wanderings
Autumn - Button #27 - Cut at 8"

Straight From the Nest  
Leaves - Button #29 - Cut at 9"

Stretch Your Imagination  
Leaves - Button #17- Cut at 2.84"

I cut the vinyl on a 12"x24" Mat
I used a "Kiss Cut" which means it will cut the vinyl but not the backing.
Blade depth - 3
Speed - 3
Pressure - 3
It is also important to have a sharp blade to cut the vinyl clean.
I also flipped some of the images on my Gypsy so that the leaves would mirror each other and curve around the word Autumn.

All of the vinyl I used on this project was purchased from Expressions Vinyl. They have great prices, great quality, and quick shipping.
I also really like Provo Crafts Vinyl. It can be purchased at local Craft Retailers or

If you have any questions about cutting vinyl, let me know. Its actually quite addicting once you get started. I want to vinyl all over my house now.

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