Saturday, March 24, 2012

Update on Judah

Thank you to those praying for Judah. He has been at Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.  They found a mass the size of a golf ball on this brain. It seems to be blood vessels. It has caused him sever pain, headaches, and nausea. Please continue to pray for healing and for strength for his parents.

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This is a picture of Judah with his mom, watching Entangled for the 5th time today.

Here is an update that his mom sent out this morning.

Just an update on our little man. He has been on morphine for pain since yesterday morning so has been very sleepy. They did see a 2 minute seizure on his EEG yesterday, so they have him on a longer EEG to monitor that.

He is still in pain when awake, so they're talking about moving his surgery up to Monday.

we just ask that you keep praying for God's perfect will & timing. We have no doubt Judah will be healed whether by miracle of God's hand removing it, or the blessing of doctors who can take it out. Either way, we are trusting God's hand.

thank you for your overwhelming support & prayers. They are truly a God send!


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