Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blog Research & Changes

After taking a long much needed break from blogging, I decided to come back and make some changes. I wanted to make my blog better so I started researching how to make it better. I found an amazing blog along the way that helped me improve Simple Creations Paper Crafts. If you want to improve your blog check out: The Sits Girls
They taught me how to clean up my page. How to write blogs. How to create a watermark for my pictures. How to create and add a blog button. 
They introduced me to an amazing FREE photo editing program online.  Check out I created a new letterhead, blog button, Facebook header, and watermark all in this FREE program. It can edit pictures from your computer and then save them to your computer. No downloading software necessary. However, it does need Flash to run. Therefore, I can't edit photos on my iPad. 

Here are several things I created using PicMonkey. Designing these were almost as fun as scrapbooking. 

Once I created and saved these new designs I started updating my Blog & Facebook Page. That way I have the same logo on everything. 

My Blog is a work in progress. I will always be working on it and changing things to improve it.

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  1. Oh I love the clean new look!! I purchased a "how to improve your blog" class from Jessica Sprague, I just haven't had a chance to sit and go through it yet. This summer!! So glad to have you back around again!


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