Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gypsy Withdrawls

I have been so busy working on alot of projects to sell at our Holiday Market last weekend. Unfortunately I didn't sell as much as I was hoping but got alot of orders. So God has defiantly been blessing my Simple Creations.

However, in the mean time my Gypsy was glitching and getting error messages. I trouble shot with the Cricut Message board and had to finally call Provo Craft. They had me do a Data Recovery & that froze, so then I tried to Reformat & that froze. So now they are waiting for Product Development to tell me what to do with it. So now I am having Gypsy withdrawals. I have so many projects to work on and I don't know how to create without my Gypsy. It just made my life much easier. So I am hoping that can get restored soon.

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  1. So my gypsy is officially done. I have to get a replacement. So I will be waiting 7-10 business days. Now to try to figure out how to create without it.



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