Monday, January 31, 2011

My 2 year old's Birthday Party

 Birthday Party Decor

 We celebrated my 2 yr old's Birthday with the family on Saturday. I wanted to make a banner but didn't have a pennant on any of my cartridges and didn't want to create a triangle one so I found this tag from Winter Frolic Cricut Cartridge. It is button 8 cut at width-5.35" x height 5.6". I embossed the bottom half with the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots. Then cut the white letters from Lyrical Letters Cricut Cartridge, Jumbo function at 3". I love that I was able to make a Birthday banner with what I had. If you don't have something, be creative with something you do have.

I made cupcakes for her birthday & wanted to try to make cupcake holders. These were cut from Sweet Treats Cricut Cartridge, button 10 at 7". The base of the holder ends up being about 2.5" I wasn't sure what size to make them & this was what I guessed. It left enough room to get the cupcake out without getting icing allover your fingers. I stamped them with My Pink Stamper Stamps:

These were fun to make & made the Birthday special. I can even use them over again next year.


  1. Sorry I missed her Birthday. I bet her party was grand.

  2. All sooo cute!! :) Isn't it amazing the versatility you have with just what you've got!?? Thanks for sharing! :)


  3. ahhhhhhh11 adorable tooooo cute.

  4. That banner is amazing. Maybe I'll make one for my own birthday coming up LOL! :)


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