Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011 - Snow EVERYWHERE

Blizzard 2011
We live near Chicago & I wanted to share with you what it looks like around here. I took these pictures this morning after my Husband & I had shoveled for about 2 hours. Since then we have gotten at least 6 more inches. The snow is up to the top of the swings on our playground & piled up almost to the top of our Jeep. So everything is shut down around here. Finally the plow went down our road about 1pm today.

Pushed the snow away to open the front door

The snow up to the back of the swings now

This is my 3yr old on the road next to a mound of snow
This pile is a foot higher now
This is our front side walk


  1. Oh my, lets hope that ground hogs right and spring is on its way!!

  2. Wow.. amazing pics, thx for sharing and keep warm as much as you can !

    Have a great wednesday ;-)

  3. What a cute little snow bunny you have there. I am about to post some videos on my blog of the weather here in Nova Scotia. Come check them out!

  4. your daughter seems to enjoy it even though it is a two hour of shovling.i could not leave in a snowy place to cold for my bones.tfs.

  5. BRRRRRRR!!!! good time to stay in a make cards

  6. Angela -- thanks for sharing -- WOW what snow you did have to shovel!! THEN YOU SAID YOU WERE TO GET MORE!!! That was a lot of hard work! - Our internet has been down off and on so was just able now to see them. - Grandma

  7. That looks just like my house :-)
    Stay safe and warm my neighbor!

  8. Looks like your daughter is having a blast. Stay safe!!

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